Vehicles and Drivers License Scanning Access Control System

At The Gate allows easy control at access points for companies, corporate office parks, lifestyle estates, complexes, gated communities – or anywhere that requires positive visitor identification.

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Simple, Safe, Compliant & In The Cloud.

Our Turnkey access control solution allows convenient and safe tracking of who is entering and exiting your premises by simply scanning Vehicle and Drivers Licence information on the Android device.

Information and management is stored in the cloud and controlled via an easy web-based interface.

This solution is POPI certified, allowing you to legally store this information according to the Protection Of Personal Information Bill.

Making your security visitor registration book worth more than the paper it’s written on.

Because information is scanned directly from sophisticated barcodes, you can gather a wealth of accurate information in seconds.


Track time

Track time spent on premises and make dispatch processes more efficient.


Notify staff of a visitor’s arrival.


Safeguard against falsified information.

Super Fast

Electronic safe keeping of information and pull reports instantly.

Scan vehicle and driver’s licenses

Capturing important personal details in seconds.


Verify authenticity of persons trying to enter your premises and deterring criminals.


Blacklist specific vehicles or individual.


Customise information required on entry and exit. For example, declaring laptops.

At The Gate in incredible, for me to be able to access gate information via my smart phone 24/7/365 and in a real-time fashion is priceless, it gives me a great level of control even when overseas

Adam Friedman

MD, Power Truck Hire

We have deployed At The Gate at all of our branches nationally, it has given us absolute transparency and control over branches that are hundreds of kms away!

Stoffel Smit

Head of Department, Loss Control, Spartan Truck Hire

At the Gate has revolutionised the way in which we conduct access and egress control. Combined with ATG's accurate records and user friendly interfaces, our clients now have no request that we cannot execute.

Darryn Cock

National Accounts Manager,Interactive Security


Your information is neatly stored electronically, backed-up in the cloud and viewable only by authorised users. No more registration books which are vulnerable to theft and prying eyes.

Straight forward billing. Pay one fee per device per month for the full service. No messy license fees, hidden accounts or agendas.

The scanning process is fast, alleviating queues and creating a professional impression.
As information is pulled directly from authentic licenses, you can be guaranteed to capture accurate details.

The solution can be customized to your company’s needs. Want to take a photo of the visitor? You can customize our turnkey solution to do that.

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